How long can I use my spa

After a hard day's work, a sport session or simply on weekends, the inflatable jacuzzi brings you benefits for the body, but also for your mind.

But have you ever wondered about the recommended swimming time?

In fact, the inflatable spa tub manual gives you valuable information regarding the installation. On the other hand, it does not give you any indication concerning the use of the spa, and in particular its time of use.

In this part, we answer this question to ensure safe swimming and make the most of your spa.

What are the precautions to take?

It is great to enjoy your inflatable hot tub at the slightest opportunity, but there are risks to users being left in excessively hot water for a long time. If the water in your inflatable hot tub is too hot, it can adversely affect your body rather than benefit your health. Indeed, too long exposure in too hot water can cause problems on the blood circulation, cutaneous reactions on the skin, or even cardiovascular difficulties.

People with health problems should seek advice from their doctor for the best temperature for their physical condition. The same goes for pregnant women, the elderly and children. It is important to remember that the hotter the water in your inflatable jacuzzi, the shorter the session should be.

The ideal temperature for a serene swim

To enjoy your inflatable jacuzzi without any risk, the water temperature must be adjusted according to several criteria. First of all, the water temperature will not be the same throughout the seasons. It must be maintained at around thirty degrees minimum throughout the year without exceeding a maximum of 39.5 ° C. In winter, the water temperature is considered ideal when it is around 38 ° C. As seen before, the temperature must also be adjusted according to the different and their physical conditions: health problems, age, diseases etc.

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